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Welcome To Youtorque Interactive 3D Engines!

Interactive Engines
  • Disassemble the engine
    with the click of a mouse

  • Locate parts as if you were
    standing in front of the actual
    engine assembly

  • Gain experience in a virtual environment before attempting the job in the real world

Select the manufacturer of the engine you wish to work with from the navigation menu on your left, then select the supported engine
Automotive Applications
  • Browse Youtorque's
    Directory of automotive

  • Download useful
    programs free of charge

  • Gain an edge on the

To browse the Youtorque directory of automotive applications simply click on the "Applications" tab at the top of this page

Interactive Engine Applications

Welcome to Youtorque, the home of interactive 3d engines! If this is your first time here at Youtorque you might be asking yourself “what is this place”? Well the answer to that question is simple! Youtorque is the first website to offer full 3-Dimensional representations of various performance engines FREE OF CHARGE!

Utilizing these applications allows an individual to disassemble different manufacturer’s engines in a virtual environment, and gain experience before attempting the job in the real world! Our primary goal here at Youtorque is to create an intriguing learning environment for automotive students, and anyone with a passion to learn what goes into building these various performance engines!

General Automotive Applications

Youtorque also offers general automotive applications which can be downloaded for FREE with no strings attached! Our most current application was developed to simplify the tuning of carburetors which use metering rods and jets. This application allows the user to enter a percentage value to either "richen" or "lean" the fuel ratio, makes the necessary calculations, and outputs the size of the jet or rod depending on which options the user chooses!

Jason Whitworth